Latte and Milk Foaming Tips

Cappuccino, espresso macchiato, caffè latte.
Steamed or frothed milk is essential for many beloved espresso-based drinks.
Learn with our coffee experts how to create foamed milk, ideally microfoam, perfect for decorating and creating many different patterns in a coffee cup with the technique well-known as latte art.


To prepare the milk foam, focus on the basics:

Consider the following parameters: 

  • Use a chilled metal pitcher with a narrow and straight spout
  • Use fresh and cold milk (~4°C)
  • The higher the protein content of your milk the better (≥ 3,3%)
  • Use your hand to feel the temperature on the side of the pitcher while heating it up
  • Milk becomes sweeter during heating, but do not overheat it, lactose may burn, ideally the milk reaches 55-65°C
  • Use metal pitchers with the matching size: Small = 1 cup*, Medium = 2 cups*, Large = 3 cups* (*cup sizes and pitcher sizes vary, always measure the volumes of both before you make the purchase decision)