Handling Coffee Equipment During a Long Break

If you have a coffee machine, a grinder or other equipment, it is very important to keep it clean and in good working condition. If they are cared for correctly, the types of equipment can offer years of stress-free use.


Short facts about equipment

In these times when your equipment is not in use, there are several risks you need to avoid. We will help you to make sure that it´s all been taken care of and you don´t need to worry. 

Coffee machines:

  • 2 groups traditional coffee machines consumes around 10 kW per day in stand-by mode
  • If the machine is not in use, there is a risk to build up lime scale in the main boiler, group heads, electromagnetic valves
  • There is a risk of leakage during unsupervised periods
  • If the machine is not in use, there is a risk of concentration of metals in the boilers


  • The coffee beans releases coffee oils which leave unpleasant smell in the bean hopper
  • The old coffee remained in between the burrs for a longer period of time might block them
  • The ground coffee remained in the coffee spout might block the fresh coffee flow