Cleaning the Coffee Machine

Hygiene is one of the most crucial points to protect your employees and customers in your outlet.
We have always paid attention to hygiene, especially cleaning the coffee equipment, as it is one of the elements that can influence the quality of coffee day by day.

The back-flush cleaning of the coffee machine

Follow the steps in our video to achieve clean coffee equipment that can deliver outstanding coffee quality in cup.

Cleaning the steam wand

1. )

Put some cold water and a liquid detergent in a glass or a pitcher.

2. )

Dip the steam wand into the water and put the steam on, until the water is hot.

3. )

Take the steam wand out of the water and turn on the steam valve for 30 seconds.

4. )

Clean the steam valve with a clean wet cloth.

Note: The coffee machine has to be cleaned daily. Use only prescribed detergent (liquid or powder). Do not use detergent that can damage metal surfaces, rubber or plastic. Always rinse all parts very well after the cleaning.